The Spy Next Door

This video contains 15 CET words: located, dictators, terrorists, baby sitting, option,
foster care, juvenile home, deep six, undercover, awesome, expert, spying, bacon, sabotage, unleash.

Watch the video. Then read the words and watch it again.

Beginning search.
Agent located (found).
This is Bob Ho.
Secret Agent Bob Ho has taken down dictators (a leader who makes everyone obey him only), terrorists (fighters who try to scare people) and evil empires.
But he is about to face his toughest assignment yet. Baby sitting (caring for children for a short time).
From Lion’s Gate…
Do me a favor and watch my kids.
Isn’t there any other option (choice).
Foster care (care of children by someone like a parent but not a parent)? Juvenile home (special home for bad children)?
They’ll be perfectly safe with me.
It’s not them I’m worried about.
…and Relativity Media.
We’ve gotta deep six (get rid of) Bob.
He’s deep undercover (hidden, secret).
He’s rare, he’s awesome (great), he’s bold.
Using his expert (excellent skills, very good) training…
What do you need all of this for.
To get the kids ready for school.
Spying (job of finding secrets) is easy. Baby sitting is hard.
…and advanced skills.
Bring it on!
Night, night!
Breakfast is served.
Don’t feed the pig bacon (a type of meat from pigs).
Okay, that’s just wrong.
But things are about to get complicated.
Can you imagine? Sabotage (to ruin something, to make it not work right) the world’s oil reserves.
Bob, we need your help.
Bob, what’s going on?
I am an international spy on loan to the CIA.
This January the enemy is in for a surprise…
I need your help.
…because Bob has a few tricks…
…and he’s about to unleash (release, let loose)
I don’t want you playing with fire.
Okay, maybe just this once.
…his secret weapon.
Mommy, that man can fly!
Jackie Chan, Amber Violetta, with Billy Ray Cyrus and George Lopaz.
The Spy Next Door.
Only Mommy can dress me!
Can your mommy do that?

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