Listen/Read: How To Escape a Kidnapper

Do you know what to do if someone tries to kidnap (steal) you? Find out how to protect yourself!

This story contains 59 CET words: abductions, abductor, acquaintance, area, attacker, bathroom, brandishing, captor, claw, claw, clues, clump, contact, cops, dial, dialed, distinctive, distraction, distress, DNA, evidence, ex, flip, fuss, gauge, gear, grab, grip, ignition, ingenuity, initial, jam, jam, jewelry, kidnapper, latch, location, majority, odds, overflowing toilet, partner, pinpoint, punch, release, research, restart, routes, routine, surroundings, taillights, thwart, toilet, trace, vehicle, weaponless attacker, windmill, yank, yanking, yelling.

1. Play the video below by clicking on the picture and listen.

2. After listening, read the text of the interview and see how much you understood.

Read the text: How To Escape a Kidnapper

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