CET study secrets

1. Do not study old CET tests. They are old. Every year new CET tests are made. The questions on the old test will not be on the new test so don’t waste your time studying the old questions and old answers.

2. Do not study old CET tests. They are boring. If you study something boring it is very difficult to learn it. If you study something interesting it is very easy to learn it. We do not have to learn CET words from boring stories. We can learn the very same CET words from interesting stories. Let’s learn in an interesting way.

3. Study interesting English that has CET words. It is easier, faster and more fun to learn this way.

4. When you first meet a word it is only like an introduction. When you are introduced to a word, you will not know it completely. The more you meet the word the better you will know the word. You cannot really know a word with one meeting. For speaking you need to know words very well. For reading you don’t need to know words as well. Don’t worry if you cannot remember these words 100%.

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